Design Services

How many times have you changed your lounge or bedroom wall coverings or drapes in the past five years?

  When we discuss this, many clients inform me that they never seem to be 100% satisfied with their completed scheme – they never just ‘get it right’, or ‘something is just missing’.  What happens is you then decide to change the wall covering again, or change the sofa, or the lighting – is this what you have experienced – am I making sense ?  This is false economy - If you do it right from the start, you might spend a little more at the onset, yet you will love the end result and be so satisfied that you won’t want to change it for a very long time. It’s the small changes can make a big impact.

Moving or Improving
Are you thinking of moving house, or find your house is not selling as quickly as you would like?  Perhaps you need to make some small changes to your living space and cannot ‘see the wood for the trees.’  Ally could advise you on some inexpensive changes that might just make the difference you require and your ‘For Sale’ board reading ‘SOLD’.   

Measuring & Fitting Service
Our professional fitter has been part of our team for 16 years, and we have challenged the most awkward style of window. From a single blind to an enormous patio window, whatever the shape or size, we can do the measuring and fitting service for you. We can supply all types of rails, poles, fixtures & fittings, and if it is a specific colour or finish you require, Ally can personally do this for you in her workshop.

Bespoke Window Dressings
Ally has worked with the same workshop team for many years, and together we create unusual and unique designs.  If its individual window dressings you require, we offers a Window Design Service.  An appointment is made for you with Ally, when she spends a few hours within your home to establish exactly what is required, and during a follow-up appointment, she presents her scaled drawings and sketched visuals, together with an array of beautiful fabrics and trimmings selected by her, especially for your window project. She will estimate a costing tailored to suit your budget, and you are then given as much time as you like to consider your options.

Do It Yourself
You might already know exactly the design you require, and with your estimated measurements, by appointment, you could call and see Ally in her Studio to take your time and look through her library of beautiful fabrics and trimmings.  She is always on hand to assist in estimating how much fabric you might require, and will support you should you prefer to craft your own creations.  Fabrics can be ordered via Ally and arrangements can be made to have them delivered directly to your doorstep should you be to busy to collect.

Interior Design Service
Whether you want to make small or big changes in a room or you have just moved house and don’t know where to start, this service can be tailored to your needs. The Design Service can be undertaken room by room, or Ally has the experience to design and to Project Manage your new extension, or even your new build.
If it’s a Room Design Service you require, Ally will make a half day appointment to meet with you and ‘consider your needs’, discussing in depth what you require, and compiling your ‘Wish List’.  During the next half day follow up appointment she will present to you alternative ‘Ideas Packages’ covering every aspect of the project in question.  She will attend armed with scaled Drawings & sketches, examples of floor coverings, lighting, wall coverings, fabrics, furnishings – the list is endless – she condenses the options and you make your final selections with her help and guidance every step of your ’Design Journey’.  By spending a little time and money together, we can make your design dreams a reality. 
Upholstery Service
Is your sofa tired and worn, you like the shape and quality of frame, but it needs checking and re-styling?  Consider the option of changing its design and cover yet retaining the quality.  Some of today’s new upholstery pieces might be alluring and tempting in price, yet compromised in quality.  The frame of the upholstery is the most important aspect to consider, and whether it’s recovering an existing chair, or designing a bespoke media sofa to seat 10, our studio houses many quality Upholstery fabrics to suit every taste and budget, and together with our upholstery team we can create your unique upholstery.

Bespoke Kitchens, Bathrooms, Studies, Media Rooms & Bedrooms – Whatever the space you want to create…
Ally has a great relationship and worked for many years with a local company who works with her to craft and produce bespoke kitchens and bedrooms with a Design signature yet a price tag tailored to suit your budget.  With her Ideas and their team of craftsmen joiners and cabinet fitters the results are outstanding.  Appointments can be made for prospective clients to visit homes where such projects have been undertaken to view this quality and style.  

From Carpets to Laminates, Wood, Ceramic, Amice and Andean, Ally has the Ideas and solution to suit every space.  With her team of reliable, honest tradesmen, beautiful floorings are created utilizing borders, mosaics, and even your own commercial logo design or family idea can be incorporated in your floor-covering.

Decorating Services
Whilst a student I was taught that when decorating, preparation was the key to a beautiful finish and result. I have a team of experienced decorators who work to my same rule and standards, taking time and pride when undertaking our projects.  Beautiful stylish wall coverings can be expensive and need to be handled with care and consideration.  From a feature wall, to a 6 storey Commercial Building, each Project is carefully negotiated, planned, and undertaken within the requested time scale and budget and individual requirements considered.  Ally oversees all works undertaken and is readily on hand to control each project.

Would you like to change your existing pendant lights to down-lights, or add some L.E.D strip lighting to the work area of your kitchen, add an extra socket, or replace your existing switches to a modern style?  We have numerous styles and fittings for you to choose from and with the help of our expert Electrician these small changes would make a big difference in any space within your home.

Tables, chairs, beds, stools, whatever it is you are looking for, Ally can guide you with the selection process and if she cannot acquire   the particular piece you have in mind, she can refer you to her  contacts who can deliver furniture to your doorstep.  

The list is extensive – from Plasterers, Plumbers, Builders and Glaziers – we have an extensive address book to accommodate your every need.  No matter how large or small your project is, just contact Ally by email or telephone and she would be happy to assist and give a solution to your enquiry.